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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) must have a State License to practice.  Occupational Therapists must obtain a minimum of a Master's Degree in the area of Occupational Therapy.  Areas of study include kinesiology, psychology, anthropology, biology, and sociology. 


Certified OT Assistants (COTAs) provide treatment under the OT's supervision and must also hold a state license.


Occupational Therapy provides services for the following:


  • Fine and Gross Motor Strength

  • Fine and Gross Motor Coordination

  • Visual Motor/Perceptual Skills

  • Bilateral Coordination

  • Executive Functions

  • Sensory Processing

  • Self Regulatory Skills


Star Speech & Occupational Therapy LLC

Meet The Team

Macaile Hutt, MOTR/L

Macaile Hutt, MOTR/L, CCATP-CA

Macaile Hutt has been practicing occupational therapy since 2015.  Her therapy style takes a holistic and child-directed approach, with the goal of children succeeding across multiple environments. She has been humbled more times than she can count when she witnesses a child doing something they were once told they would never be able to do, and has always said she receives more from her resilient, hopeful, and remarkable clients than she could ever even dream of giving back to them.

Macaile’s motto as a clinician is always striving to be a safe place to land for families and children. She loves getting to be a new tool in the toolbox and working together with families to help their children feel successful in areas they once struggled. She believes there’s room for everyone at the table and loves learning new techniques, philosophies, and strategies for helping each unique child thrive in all of his or her daily environments. 

Macaile holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy from A.T. Still University and has received continuing education as a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional for Children and Adolescents (CCATP-CA), Handwriting Without Tears, pediatric kinesiotaping, Interactive Metronome, and Beckman Oral Motor. In her free time, she enjoys creative writing, backpacking, and traveling.

Maggie Sweeney, MOTR/L

Maggie Sweeney, OTR/L

Maggie Sweeney has been working as an occupational therapist for the last 8 years.  She moved to the Treasure Valley from Buffalo, NY in 2020.  Maggie has experience in schools, early intervention, and pediatric home health with particular interest in sensory integration.  In her free time, Maggie enjoys exploring and hiking with her dog, tending to her indoor garden, and listening to music.

Doug Birkland, COTA/L

Doug Birkland, COTA/L

Doug has been living in the treasure valley since 2006 as a transplant from Washington state. He became certified as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in 2011. Before coming to Star Speech and Occupational Therapy, Doug spent 8 years working with kids in the school setting as a COTA in the Caldwell School District. As a COTA Doug has experience in multiple areas of OT such as working on fine motor skills and writing, visual motor skills and attending, and reflex integration and motor planning. He sees the uniqueness of each child and believes in the importance of building rapport by using humor, getting at their level, and connecting with them in order to help them feel known. When not working as a COTA Doug may be found doing some personal training, hiking up Table Rock, or spending time with his 2 kids. 

Katie Beckman-Stitt, MOTR/L
Katie Beckman-Stitt, MSOT, OTR/L

Katie has been an Occupational Therapist (OT) since 2018.  She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy.  Katie has experience with a wide population including those with developmental disabilities, cognitive, disorders, oral motor and feeding difficulties, and sensory processing issues.  She is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and holds certification with National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children, running, and playing the piano.

Hannah Golden, MOTR/L

Hannah Golden, MOTR/L

Hannah Golden is a graduate of the Master of Occupational Therapy program from Idaho State University. She has been practicing since 2018 in a pediatric setting with ages 0-18. Hannah has experience with a multitude of diagnoses and has a primary interest in sensory integration and self-regulation. Hannah loves helping her clients and families identify what goals are most valuable, and then creating a plan to achieve them. Hannah is a great communicator, she believes families should be involved in their children’s therapy and that it’s integral to their success. Hannah’s client centered approach creates an optimal learning environment. Therapy should be fun! She is passionate about facilitating opportunities for children to adapt and gain confidence over their tasks and environment. Hannah completed a year long certificate program from the University of Southern California in Ayres Sensory Integration in 2021 with a focus on the 0-3 infant toddler and Autism spectrum population. She grew up in the Boise area and is excited to be moving back from Pocatello. She has been married for 9 years and has one son that she loves to spend time with. She enjoys going on hikes, collecting crystals, rock hounding, playing board/card games and crafts!

Taylor Mitzel, COTA/L

Taylor Mitzel, COTA/L, CCATP-CA
Trained SOS Feeding Specialist

Taylor has been a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA) since 2019. Taylor is certified in neurological interventions for multisensory integration, emotional regulation, and executive functioning.  Throughout her time at Star Speech and Occupational Therapy, Taylor found a passion for helping children improve their social skills and leads a social skills group for teen girls emphasizing positive social interactions and improving reciprocal social skill development.  She is also a Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional.

Taylor also helps lead a feeding group at our clinic, emphasizing the SOS approach to feeding, and has found a niche for helping children increase their independence with instrumental feeding skills such as proper positioning, utensil use, habituation to sensory input such as messy hands and faces, and increasing the preferred foods a child will accept.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys hiking, exploring in nature, and outdoor photography.

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