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We would love to see you at
12222 W Bridger Bay Dr. in Star, ID.

From the Owner:
As our eighth
year in business, I am honored to watch the spirit of Star Speech & OT touch so many lives.  In 2015, I responded to a nudge to begin providing private services.  There was a great need for Speech-Language and Occupational services, especially in the northwest corridor where services can be far and waiting lists are endless.  I knew there was an opportunity to do more for our working professionals, and for our community.  What a beautiful journey this continues to be!  I am so proud of who we are and continue to become.  I am honored to have so many wonderful clinicians and professionals who truly love what they do and have a thirst for knowledge.  I am equally humbled by the dedication of the families who join us.  We are more than just therapy; we are home.  

Welcome Ho

                                   Meara Baker, MA,

Meara Baker, MA, CCC-SLP

Did You Know?

Local programs 

Speech and Language services are available through the Infant Toddler program for ages birth-3.  These services are family-based and provided on a “coaching model” to help parents learn how to best create an environment to encourage speech and language growth. This program also offers services through developmental specialists

In accordance with federal law, preschool aged children (ages 3-5) can receive a full developmental screening (including cognitive, academic, fine and gross motor, speech and language).  This is provided by the school system every month during the school year.  Contact District Office for dates:

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